FREE Webinar: Position For Success – Become A Transformational Leader

Friday, February 24, 2017

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm



BECOME A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER – One Who Inspires Others To Become Their Best!

If you are still managing and leading your team or organization by FEAR, then you have missed the boat. Consistently successful leaders know that if you can inspire people to greatness, then you’ll be able to win …and WIN BIG!

“A Gallup survey showed that more than 70% of people were not engaged in their roles on the job, and about 90% of them were completely disconnected from what they do. This disengagement and disconnection cost corporate America billions upon billions of dollars a year. “

They say leaders are born, not made. While it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are developed in the midst of uncertainty, crisis, and change. The truth is, when your company or business is struggling, you don’t need more rules, what’s needed is a leader who can inspire others to TRANSFORMATION & SUCCESS! This 45-minute webinar will empower you to identify the climate for transformational leadership, learn techniques to inspire and motivate yourself and others, understand the currency of success and the 7-Levels of Energy and Leadership.



See what others are saying:

“Kelvin is one of the most impressive leaders/ thinkers I have met. He’s smart, genuine, and an outstanding storyteller. Having attended many professional/industry workshops, sessions and conferences, I can safely say that ‘Uncovering Barriers to Success’ was one of the most thought-provoking workshops I’ve attended so far! Kelvin’s approachable personality, authenticity and ability to simplify the complexity of the human psyche are remarkable! With his calming energy, valuable insights and emotionally intelligent approach, Kelvin connects with his audience at a deep spiritual level, thereby empowering them to tap into their inner treasure-house of hidden transformation potential, to achieve their highest goals.” – Hazel, Project Management Consultant

He helped me identify several limiting beliefs that blocked my path to success. Kelvin also helps you look at your life from a holistic viewpoint so you can create an action plan to move forward and seize the opportunities within your grasp and create opportunities within your realm of possibility. Get ready, to be honest with yourself so you can grow, thrive and soar.” – Bernice, Staff Development Specialist

I strongly recommend Kelvin for those who need a professional “push” or for those who may be looking to pivot in a new direction.” – Christie, Shop Owner on Etsy

Kelvin is an excellent coach! Working with Kelvin as my coach has helped me identify new directions, goals, and aspirations in my life. He has guided me through learning to harness energy levels to make positive changes in both my personal and professional self. It was an incredible experience.” – Michelle, Director of Human Resources/Sales/Marketing/Strategy

I truly have an a-ha moment each time I engage with Kelvin and always amazed at how swiftly and smoothly he can help someone connect to their real self and value system. He exudes an intuitive sense of empathy, is fearless to stretch the possibilities & potential of a thought and helps someone weave a fabric of exciting results. One can feel the sense of a smooth wave with a great landing experience, post a conversation with Kelvin. He walks and talks empowerment! For any organization, teams or even individuals looking forward to maximizing a transition process, Kelvin can be an effective facilitator for the discussion.” – Divya, Executive and Leadership Coach – Power of Storyboarding |The Art of Business Narratives