That’s The Story Of My Life

Story of my life. Isn’t it funny how we find ourselves saying things that either we grew up hearing or learned later in life but never really stopped to think about what it means or what effect it may have on us. This is the case with the saying “that’s the story of my life”. In most cases people use that saying in regards to things that don’t work out for them and when things are difficult in life thus labeling the situation and ultimately your life as a story of difficulties and challenges. The problem here is that when you speak those words and label your life in such a way you are also labeling your future and you begin to expect what you’ve created through labeling. However, there is an easy fix. Start labeling all of your good and amazing life experiences in this way. When something great happens to you than say ” that’s the story of my life” and watch how the Universe will respond to ensure that it meets the expectations of your design each time. You are a master creator and you are writing the “story of your life” each moment of the day so why not create some amazing and exciting. You deserve it! Today lets create together…the Story of our life!


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